Alberto Jossue: An Interview with Frontrow Magazine

“BEHIND THE BEAT takes you backstage at Electric Island for an exclusive interview with the Toronto-based DJ and music producer Alberto Jossue.”

Enjoy this fantastic interview with one of Toronto’s best DJs and music producers. He is certainly one of our all time favourites in this city. Alberto Jossue is also rocking our Top Collective DJ headphones necklace. Thank you Alberto! ❤


Electric Island Civic Day

Here are some photos recapping the fun we had popping up shop at Electric Island this past civic holiday Monday. Thanks to DED AGENCY for capturing these moments. Pictured below are some of our friends and fans ballin’ out in our one-of-a-kind embellished shades (we sold out that day!), and our favourite performances by KINK and Nina Kraviz.
We will be back on the Island in September for the season finally of the Electric Island series. Come dance with us!

Secret Society 2nd Anniversary Party

Our friends of Secret Society just celebrated their 2nd Anniversary. We got the chance to set up a little mini Top pop-up bazaar and enjoy an evening of amazing music. Photos were shot by Ded Agency ❤ .

Top pop-up bazaar
Thomas Cardin wearing our I ❤ California bracelet (on the left)
Thomas Cardin wearing our I ❤ California bracelet (on the left)
Matt Von Wilde on the right wearing his Top necklace
The Secret Society crew ❤

Electric Island Season Finale Pics by DED AGENCY

DED AGENCY snapped some pretty epic pics of our friends and fans accessorized in Top Collective goodies at the long weekend Electric Island Season finale. We can’t wait to be back next year!

14195303_616019731904503_3854221994504089110_o (1)
Top founder Camille Stone
14232046_616021518570991_1594378329264461356_o (1)
Spotted: Sophie under her Top sunbrella wearing Top accessories
Justin Martin wearing our Top A side/ B side brass necklace
14257531_616021101904366_3970352154648474206_o (1)
Justin Martin wearing our Top A side/ B side brass necklace
14324259_616019741904502_8811126193599645544_o (1)
Sophie in our Pop-up shop VW van wearing her Top faux septum
14311252_616021341904342_5054429007876298667_o (1)
Justin Martin wearing our Top A side/ B side brass necklace
14257556_616019838571159_5433763663876583243_o (2)
The Top vibe squad at the Top pop-up shop
14324405_617012091805267_2866289032578951776_o (1)
Top sunnies
14324528_617012905138519_8334154090905007883_o (1)
420 Friendly ladies wearing Top shades for daze

Electric Island Season Finale

A big thank you goes out to Jordan Chalom for capturing these pics of Top Collective and the Top vibe squad at the Electric Island season finale ❤ . Jordan is a super talented photographer who has been supporting Top since we landed on the Toronto scene earlier this year. He is a rock-star behind the lens. Check out his work here.

Top @ Secret Disco 4000

Photos by Jordan Chalom ❤

Top Pop-Up Shop
Our friend Natasha wearing her Top sunnies
Matt Von Wilde wearing his Top chains behind the decks
Anthony being a rock star, wearing his Top faux septum
The Top accessory bar

Secret Disco

Top popped up shop at the Secret Society Disco 4000 event this past weekend, and its safe to say that the Secret Society is not such a secret anymore! This event was poppin’ with our friends dancing the night away in Top accessories. Thank you to DED AGENCY for snapping these pics.


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